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Week 2 – Strathcona

Welcome to Strathcona, where the fashion conscious kids come out to play.

I make my way out to this neighbourhood mostly to visit friends and people watch on the stoop. This hood is made up of trend setters galore. Whether the fashionistas are wearing designer or vintage, they always find a way to stand out in a crowd.

Cruising in the streets of Strathcona you’ll be sure to find several bicycles, BBQ’s and guitars. Come to the area and meet your fellow fashion savvy friends and hang out at the nearest block party.

When you are walking to Strathcona be sure you pop into Charlie and Lee Boutique, located on 233 Union St Рhttp://www.charlieandlee.com/store/ Р This shop is home to many unique designers creating quality clothing for men and women.

Peace out friends, xo Dewy

Photos all by Scott Loudon

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